Monitor your portfolio value

See how your portfolio is performing by viewing a chart of your portfolio value for the last 6 months.

See exposure by Sector

View the exposure of all your holdings by sector. This allows you to be conscious of your allocation to each sector.

See exposure by Region

View the exposure of all your holdings by region. This allows you to be mindful of geographical diversification.

See your portfolio's Market Risk

See how volatile your portfolio is by viewing the Beta for your aggregate portfolio.

Keep an eye on your Top Holdings

View the top holdings for your portfolio, which can highlight if you are over-exposed to some securities over time and need to re-balance your portfolio.

Track your Top Gainers & Losers

Track your portfolio's best and worst performing securities, so you can learn from your decisions.

See your Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)

Indexes rise and fall in cycles. See your portfolio's computed CAGR to track if you are meeting your goals for annual returns.

Learn your Sharpe ratio

Returns only make sense when you view them from a risk-adjusted perspective. See your portfolio's computed Sharpe ratio to track your excess returns for unit of increased risk.

Monitor market data

You can monitor market data for regions & sectors. This enables you to see how different regions are performing, and how different sectors are doing. It can provide actionable information to rotate out of sectors and change allocation across regions.